Technology and Security

Technology And Security

With more than 20 years of solid Technology and Security experience, we consider ourselves your loyal partner in your success journey.

Project Management & Quality Management

With effective Project Management approach, our team will handle your projects profile and business needs. We commit to deliver on time and on budget.

Consultancy & Audit Services

Provide end-to-end solutions and roadmap to overcome your unique technology/security challenges that impact your business goals. Our certified consultants and auditors team can guide your business to mitigate all current technology risks in your business-critical mission environment. We provide services such as internal/external IT audit, IT risk assessment, IT/IS policies and procedures design and review, full IT governance and strategy practice to better align with future business goals 

Outsourcing IT services

We manage IT services through remote support or local presence, allowing our partners to focus on running the business while we manage their critical IT operations. Provide IT outsourcing services in wide variety of IT organization structure and roles. 

Technical & Management Training

Provide a full IT-Training program(s) to develop technology skills for your staff to become more productive resources for your business.


Provide a comprehensive feedback, review and investigation over all kinds of IT-related contracts or services level agreements, technology development, concept exploration, design and demonstration.

Support Services

Technical support, bug fixing, problem analysis and resolution, on-call support, modifications to support business or technical, operating systems upgrades, optimization of IT hardware resources.


Build and design the entire organization network and communications, capacity planning, deployment, migration, performance management and optimization including:

  1. Database Management services 
  2. Communications services & Surveillance Systems   
  3. Security services  
  1. Datacenter & Cloud Solutions  
  2. Networks appliances 
  3. Virtualization Backup & Storage

Websites & Mobile Solution

Design, develop website and mobile apps, content management services ‘CMS’. As well, provide web host, graphic design, web marketing tool, blog site, banner and web presence, survey, wikis and more…

E-Commerce Solution

State of art e-Commerce solutions that enable you to provide customers with more online payment options and safer transactions for a more satisfying shopping experience.

System Integration

with appropriate approach, bringing together the sub-systems or silos into one system to be able to deliver the main functionality and ensuring that the subsystems function together as a one system.

Personnel Management

We play the role of your personnel professionals in and outside offices by dealing with governmental and private authorities to remove those hectic processes and sort out any challenges.

Payroll Administration

You can consider us as your payroll specialists who can operate it at a high accurate and confidential level. This will save your time and cost to be utilized in other areas of businesses. We do salaries, overtime calculations and transfer to banks, tax and social insurance on your behalf.

Software & Business Applications Development

Offering agile approach for software development using “SDLC” with modern development language tools and methods connected to wide range of database and operating systems.