Business Planning

Our team is dedicated to assist you with your strategic planning to develop your Vision, Mission, Core Values, Goals, Objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

We inject the necessary changes to boost your culture and work environment through creative thinking, positive attitude enhancement and practical execution.

Organization Effectiveness

We develop, implement and monitor best Human Capital practices that shall dramatically support the business and employees’ performance such as Organizational Design, Job Analysis, Job Descriptions, Competency Framework, Policies and Procedures, Job Evaluation, Pay Structure and Scorecards.

We come up with various methodologies matching with your business nature and market circumstances.

Right Culture

Defining and strengthening your employees consistently motivation is one of our core functions that will impact positively your organization performance. We focus on morale by designing and conducting Employees Satisfaction Surveys, Communication, Welfare, Knowledge/Successful Case Studies, Sharing and Teambuilding activities.

People Capability

We continuously seek to improve employees’ Competences (Knowledge, Skills and Behaviors) over establishing and applying Performance Management System, Learning & Development Programs and Succession Planning Framework. Our team does his best to measure Human Capital productivity and efficiency as well as offer solutions to overcome any obstacles.


Many companies, especially multi-nationals, start thinking differently for supportive functions. That’s why Outsourcing became a trend in the market where it has various benefits such as cost saving and optimization, giving you space to focus on your core business and keep your operation smooth.

Personnel Management

We play the role of your personnel professionals in and outside offices by dealing with governmental and private authorities to remove those hectic processes and sort out any challenges.

Payroll Administration

You can consider us as your payroll specialists who can operate it at a high accurate and confidential level. This will save your time and cost to be utilized in other areas of businesses. We do salaries, overtime calculations and transfer to banks, tax and social insurance on your behalf.